Romance, Passion, Color!

Beginning on Tuesday, June 30, we present one of the staples of the chamber music repertoire, the Quintet in C Major by Franz Schubert.

This deeply romantic work was the first to utilize two cellos in the traditional string quartet form and was written two months prior to Schubert’s premature death.

The Grove’s Dictionary of Music perhaps best sums up Schubert’s valedictory effort:

“Schubert’s last great work was the String Quintet in C. It is filled with magnificent moments: the duet for cellos in the first movement; the richness and intriguing instrumentation of the Adagio; the elegiac trio of the third movement (a true pointer to the future); the wonderful rhythmic variants of the finale theme.  His subtler blending of the major and minor modes can be seen in the themes of the first and last movements; who, looking at them in isolation, would dream that movements in major keys are being announced?  The whole work, as a study of Neopolitan relationships, is without equal.”

This program opens at the beautiful Marlett residence in Egg Harbor. For more details, visit


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